Thursday, November 8, 2018

Bryan's famous Healing spray since 2008

An article re- write 

I have two types of spray : since 2008

The day u receive please finish using it within 6 month as there is no thickener or preservatives . It may condense the plant base like apple cider vinegar the deposit. 

NB: Protection Mist Ingredients:
Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Oakmoss Absolute, Patchouli Oil . So in Singapore weather u put 1 year almost will have castor oil condensed in it. And i suggest u change abottle ok:>

Protection Spray and Tranquility spray lifespan should be 6 month is freshly without preservative flora water . So please dont keep for a year. And the plants deposit after so long may appear as all spray free from preservatives thank u. How come a spray u all can take a year to finish de:> use use ok. I one bottle every two months.

A) Protection and Space Clearing Spray

The flora water is chemical free and design ur skin can touch it. Is so powerful to cleanse space like offices or new house. Some people spray environment one spray daily.

Or after u visit some places which u come home feel weird. Spray this spray and say OMMMM. feel great.

Blended with a special herb called, OakmossIt's earthy to green scent allows it to be blended with many other woody, floral and even fruity essential oils for perfumery. (see perfume blending for more information). It's few healing qualities include antiseptic and expectorant. During ancient time, it is a herb that represents money incomes and abundance. Blended with a few other organic flowers.

Usage: It is flora water that can spray around surrounding, bedroom and office . For healing and calming effect . It can be sprayed in the air. No harm inhaling because it is fresh flower water. Clearing and space cleansing

Example of usage: Somebody in the office visited you and has created an unhappy environment. Spray this flower water into the air.
$50 for 100ml. It comes with a protective mini Black Tourmaline.

B) Well Being Healing & Tranquil Spray
It is a spray to take care of our mood. Also in office can spray to create happy energy and ward of negative thoughts from friends. When u spray above ur head, a mist of lower kingdom will shield u like a white light. I use it now 2015 before do breathing exercise or yoga

Spray above ur head and let the mist envelope u .

If you are always impatient, rushing, always no time for yourself, panic, distress, fear for no reason, exam stress and mood swings, Well Being Healing & Tranquil Spray can help to heal the heart and emotions when you feel down or having insomnia due to worries. It also help to release and break away from sadness. Promotes emotional balance and well being

Usage: No limitation; No strict rules to abide with. You can spray at heart area. Painful area, around the air. Personal Healing and Tranquil Spray helps to speed up healing process.

$50 for 100ml. It comes with free mini healing stone.

Promotion: 2 bottles for $90 promotions 


Anonymous said...

you are a blessing to my life. U have so much knowledge in your head. All your crystals are so exquisite, beautiful and powerful.You helped me a lot. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi bryan.
i feel very good after talking to you at the world women health forum yesterday.
Both your flora spray smells very nice and calming. Instantly calms me when you spray in the air yesterday.