Monday, October 31, 2016

5 Dynasty Coin Informations Updated (more)

5 Dynasty Coins Extra for 2017

(time to order ur 5D coin and 6D huly) (u dont have to put every corner, just main door a 6D hulu, than find some good luck area put 5D coin. Or a bowl of $1 coin put. Or rice urn put. Taisui change a new one. 

(Good for bringing and amplifying good luck) --- 

Below this few sector of house or living room is for amplifying 2017 luck. main wealth sector is EAST. And if East happen to have table, can put omhealth wealthbowl or 5 d coin in a bowl of $1 coin.

Luck sector in 2017:
NORTH-- Gui ren come,  Help from elder people, Indirect wealth, may be inherit wealth ahahah, meet noble people

SouthEast ----Happiness Joyful, if have essential oil burn put here, use Awaken blend here best. May help in promotion of work , Single people try to activate here with good luck items .
Wa if this corner have table living room, light ur Pagoda wishfufulling incense

EAST:Ur main wealth area but have 3 killings star but with a 5D coin u power. Bring in good new and if u are in REAL estate, get a flower coin and 5 d coin put here.
Omhealth Ruyi Tian Lu Put here 
more will be shared
For 2017, East of the house is the 8 white star (or East of living room) . This year this star comes strongly into the East which promote luck andwealth for family. Putting a 5 D coin can gather wealth this area (u can use 3M hook).
It will greatly improve the house fengshui and the luck of whole family. It governs Career luck, promotional luck, smooth work conditions. Hanging a 5 Dynasty coin at the East of your house, ensures and smooth career luck for the family. 

Put if the east of living room have a table, u put a bowl of $1 coin and the 5D coin and than if have omhealth marble add in. Sometimes put some 5 element oil to the 5 d coin.

Puting or shifting your wealthbowl to East or North, South East 2017 if possible. If not possible to do so, you can just put a 5 Dynasty coin at East,North or SE side of the house in 2017

Where to put your Tian Lu Hulu or 6 D hulu in 2017?

Well NWt of house 2017 is super illness star so if ur bedroom or ur sofa is at NOrth-West side or window is at West side of house, the wind blow is illness wind, so put a 6D hulu or ur tianlu hulu is good.

Below is article update yearly

5 Dynasty is tied by omhealth compare to market is different. As it is combine with tiger eye and activated.
Basically affected by Tai Sui people normally will carry a 5D coin. And also go temple go over the incense will do.

5 Dynasty Coin was introduced in 2007. I will update the hanging position and the extra informations for 5 dynasty coin every year. 5 dynasty coin is a must for any fengshui cure in a cheap and effective way. As compared to many glass made fengshui items, which can easily cost few hundred dollars, 5 Dynasty coin is still the most effective.
Main Properties 5 dynasty coin: 

  1. Calm the House when put anywhere. 
  2. Remove poison arrows and 
  3. increase luck when put in a bowl of coins $1.
  4. Amplify flying star 1,6,8,9 yearly change position
  5. Put in rice urn to amplify wealth
  6. Tag fridge to increase family wealth

5D coin need to change yearly only for the Tai Sui user and also for blocking sick ill or diaster star. but if is used in wealthbowl and rice urn, u can use forever. 

2017 Taisui affected are Rooster, Rat, Rabbit, Dog, (please carry one by 3rd Feb 2017)
(u can prepare for ur family members)

Note: 5 dynasty coins must be activated with Zhu sa, otherwise it will not be effective. A proper procedure of OPEN LIGHT 5 Dynasty coins will be used.
Allow me to explain the differences further :)

A) Usages of Zhu Sa 5 Dynasty Coin

Usages: To block negative Sha Qi.
Sha Qi: Can be divided into internal and exterior Negative Qi/ Sha Qi
External Sha Qi: House window, door facing poison arrows, sharp buildings/objects, big trees, construction. (Put 5 dynasty coins clear quartz )
Internal Sha Qi: Toilet, sharp edges to your bed, ceiling beam, offices etc.

Block away Disaster Star which may arrive at the bedroom of your residence. You can just hang it behind your door. For MAIN DOOR We use 6D coin hulu.

Traditionally, the energy of a 5 dynasty coin will be exhuasted in 1 year if u used it to block negative stars. 

In conclusion, 5 Dynasty coin can remove :
── Sha Qi

五帝古钱除了在风水上有用途外,对人的运气也能产生良好的影响:  一、可以辟邪,以免被邪灵骚扰。  二、增加自己的运气,

In Summary 5 Dynasty Coin






6、宅内房门对冲〔厕所、厨房尤甚〕:宜在门上各吊挂一串,化解并装饰。各房间门,对冲者。 此称为:门对门、相骂门!  



Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi, Can the 5 coin be hang at all room including living room?

Anonymous said...

HI Bryan lao shi, it is good if you can answer our questions in this 'post a comment' so that anyone who actually has the same question can read it from here. Thanks

Anonymous said...

U can hang 5 Dynasty Coin behind your main door of your Residence(house).

U can hang 5 Dynasty Coin at the East side of your house to improve Career Luck for your family.

from Ming Xiang

bryan lao shi said...

THe coin can hang at any room, except toilet.

And anonymous sorry for replying late, as I am quite busy year end and sometimes may overlook on post comments.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi if I have 3 bed rooms, is it necessary to hang the 5 coin in all the room if I have 1 in the living room? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi, may i know where can i purchase the 5 Dynasty Coin and zhu sa?? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Frankly, it is very difficult to find coins of Yung-cheng (雍正)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi, would appreciate you further explanation on this paragraph -- "5 dynasty coins must be activated with Zhu sa, otherwise it will not be effective. A proper procedure of OPEN LIGHT 5 Dynasty coins will be used."
My qns r:
1)what r zhu sa ?
2) what is the procedure of open light?
3)Where to buy the coins and how much does it cost?


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan.
Till date still have so many genuine dynastic coin around ?

Every year must "clean" the coins and re hang the coins? Need any special chanting ?

cai said...

Hi Bryan,

It's my first coming visiting your blog. I understand that it might be a little late, but can I still purchase the 5 dynasty coins from you?

Please enlighten me on the procedure as I am clueless about how to go about buying it.

Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi,

It would be good if the string hole "eye" is big enough to hang on the door knob rather than on the lock above it. Everytime opening the door, sure hit it.

May be is there a purpose to hit it whenever turning the knob :)